Catching Up With Erik Flores

SWET Tailor knows how lucky we are to collaborate with some incredibly gifted athletes, especially those who happen to be wonderful people inside and out. One of our all-star ambassadors, Erik Flores, is not only a Professional Golfer but also a clothing connoisseur. Since it's been a few months since we last spoke, we thought it was time to reconnect over golf, guitars, and his love of SWET.

Hi Erik! It's been a few months since the last time we spoke. So what's the coolest thing that's happened since?
Golf-wise, getting to go over to London for the British Open Qualifier. I always wanted to do that! Personally, my wife graduated from nursing school in May. That was a huge accomplishment for her and a big moment for our family. She's worked extremely hard—proud husband moment for sure.

Have you named any of the shots you like to play?
I have actually, and I call them out before I hit them. For instance, if I want to hit a hard high draw, I call it a "Tomahawk." No reason; I just started saying it one day.

What's the longest round you've ever played?
We played 36 holes in college in almost every event, which was slow—up to 12 hours on the course walking. The most holes I've ever played in was a 45-hole match that ended with a substantial amount of money changing hands. The longest sudden-death playoff I've ever been in lasted seven holes.

What's the most recent song you've taught yourself on guitar?
"All Hail King Jesus" by Bethel Music on electric guitar. I love the parts that David Hislop wrote for that song. I played it on Sunday with my Church Family.

What is the best compliment someone has given you about how you play golf?
One day my college coach at UCLA, O.D. Vincent sat me down and told me I was the only player he had ever coached that he thought had the talent to be the best in the world. I honestly thought he was joking, but he was dead serious. It meant a lot coming from someone who not only has played and seen a lot of golf but someone I respected immensely.

What's the number one food that is your arch-nemesis when it comes to spilling on your clothes?
Oof, so many! Anything with oil. Oil stains are the worst. However, here's a pro tip - use dish soap as a spot treatment before throwing it in the laundry.

A little birdie (sorry for the golf pun) told us your fav SWET style is the Fairway Jogger. Is that still the case, or has a new favorite won your heart?
The Fairway Jogger is indeed my favorite. It's so versatile for on the street and the golf course, with a tighter fit. Plus, they are ridiculously comfortable. My wife loves them too!

If you could only own our clothes in one color, which would it be?
Wow, that's a tough question. I've been feeling the blues and grays as of late.