An Interview With Nick Sutton

Swet Tailor has what we like to call an abundance of wealth when it comes to our talent roster, and that is incredibly true when it comes to Nick Sutton. At just 21 years old, Nick is already making a name for himself on the green, most notably with his chip shot that made it onto the ESPN Top Ten. We chatted with Nick about his recent NIL deal, what gets him pumped for tournaments, and why that ESPN moment was so special for him.

Tell us a little about how you started playing golf.
My Dad, Jason Sutton, is one of the top golf instructors in North Carolina, so I was kind of born into it. I'm actually named after two golf greats, Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer. My parents gave me a set of those kids' plastic clubs when I was three, but they never pushed me. I fell in love with it all on my own. I played my first tournament when I was either eight or nine. I played other sports, like football, but golf was where I hit my stride.

Does anyone else in your family play besides your Dad? Who is the most competitive?
My Mom and sister play but just for fun. I get my competitiveness from both my parents, but especially my Mom. She's ruthless, and not just with golf. She kicked all of our butts during Scrabble just last night.

Congrats on your recent NIL deal! What are you looking forward to the most?
I always thought it would be so cool to have a clothing deal, especially with a company like SwetTailor. The people at Swet are just so cool, and I had such a blast during the photo shoot.

Everyone is talking about your one-handed shot. How long did it take to perfect it?
It started about three years ago as a drill. That's what it's commonly used for by coaches and teachers. My Dad uses it a lot for that purpose. I was never a great chipper, but this felt so natural, so I thought, shoot, why don't I use this all the time? About a year ago, I put it into tournament play. It's become my craft and a way for me to stand out. At the end of last season, we were in match play at a conference, and ESPN + was taking video. I chipped in on the final hole in front of about 200 people to extend the match. Someone at ESPN sent the video in, and one of my friends called me that night like, "Dude, you made it on the Top Ten!" It's always been a dream of mine to make it on that, and I think that's true for any kid growing up. When I saw I was #5, I couldn't believe it. It went viral on social media.

Any player you admire most?
My favorite player right now is Kevin Kisner. He's a South Carolina boy. We have very similar games, I feel like. He's this 5'10, 150lb stick of a guy that's just so good at golf and among the Top 40 in the world. Amazing.

How many days away from playing does it take before you feel rusty?
Believe it or not, only a week. I play every day, and it's so natural now that when you take time off, you really notice it. It's especially noticeable when you haven't played in a tournament in a while. We call it making rusty, boneheaded mistakes. Most players feel that way about tournament play because it's a different skill set.

What is your favorite pump-up jam?
I listen to a lot of country music, and I love Riley Green. I listen to him the most. I also really like this artist called Mike. Literally, he goes by Mike with a period at the end of his name. I especially love his podcast.

What pair of SWET pants are your go-to on game day?
I'm in love with the Duo Pant. They're like jeans, but you can wear them on the golf course. Those pants are honestly what sold me on Swet Tailor. Deeper Stone and True Khaki are the colors I wear the most. They look so good with anything I pair them with.