Big and Tall Pants

At Swet Tailor®, big and tall is a badge of honor. Our High & Mighty line celebrates the strength, power, and boldness of being big and tall. Our plus size men’s pants are versatile, stylish, and comfortable. Our big and tall pants are designed to move with your body and to go where you go. We don’t believe in a pair of work pants, a pair of gym pants, and a pair of casual pants. Our big and tall jogger pants can handle a full workout and then transition to happy hour without breaking a sweat. Our big and tall golf pants? These trousers are designed to seamlessly transition from a day on the course to a night on the town. No outfit change required.

Plus Size Men’s Pants

Our concept is simple: clothes should be stylish, simple, and flexible. Our big and tall pants are designed to give you the ultimate in comfort and style, allowing you to look and feel your best all day every day. Worried about your pants stretching or losing their shape over time? So were we. That’s why we went with a cotton/spandex blend that provides just the right amount of stretch while keeping your pants structured and in shape for life. Big and tall jogger pants that never lose their shape? Perfection. Added perk? Our High & Mighty pants come in men’s extended sizes you get more choice and a better fit.