Joggers for Men

At Swet Tailor® we don’t believe in outfit changes. Our goal has always been to redefine casualwear and to design clothes for the modern, active man. Our joggers for men embody this goal. Not quite a pant, not quite a sweat, our stretch joggers redefine the meaning of activewear, giving you a pair of pants that you can work out in and then clean up and wear to dinner. Unlike your average sweatpants, our premium joggers have a structure that blends the lines between pants for the gym and pants for everything else. Pair our Swet jogger with a polo and they become your travel jogger pants. Combine our stretch fleece jogger with a t-shirt and you’re ready for the soccer field. Our joggers are made to be whatever you need them to be, giving you a style and comfort that can go anywhere and do anything.

Men’s Athleisure Joggers 

Have you ever put on a pair of stretch joggers and thought “these are so comfortable, I wish I could wear them everywhere.”? Us too. Our line of athleisure joggers for men are designed to give you the ultimate in stretch, comfort, performance, and style. The main ethos behind our men’s joggers is that clothes should be clothes. We don’t believe in gym clothes, brunch clothes, office clothes, etc. We design collections that can move with your life, giving you the freedom to live without an outfit change. 

The key to our men’s stretch joggers’ versatility is their design. We have created a jogger that looks like a more structured pant but feels and performs exactly like you need an athleisure jogger to. 

Men's Stretch Joggers

One thing that truly sets our athleisure joggers apart is their stretch. Our joggers are made with our signature Suprese™ fabric blend, offering unrivaled stretch and unbeatable comfort. Suprese™ not only gives you that extra stretch you need to live your life without restrictions, but it also ensures that your joggers maintain their shape and don’t stretch or pull after every workout or late-night dinner. With this fabric blend, we’ve designed athleisure joggers that move with your body and still keep that day one fit, even after months of wear. 

The perfect pant may be a myth, but in our opinion, our stretch joggers come pretty darn close. Life is better without limits. Dress like you mean it.