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Joggers are sweatpants’ older, cooler, and slightly more fashionable sibling. Not quite a sweat and not quite a pant, the jogger gives you the comfort of sweatpants with the fit and structure of your favorite jeans. 

Swet Tailor® was born out of a desire to redefine casual clothing. With our line of joggers for men, we have created structured, comfortable joggers that give you the feel of sweatpants and the functionality of jeans. As with all Swet Tailor® creations, our men’s stretch joggers can seamlessly move from the gym to happy hour without breaking a sweat. With zipped side and back pockets, you can rest assured that your wallet, keys, and phone will make it through your day fully secure and in-tact.

Men's Stretch Joggers

Made with a cotton/spandex blend, our athleisure men’s joggers work with you, not against you. In order to create the structure you crave without the stiffness you hate, all Swet Tailor® joggers are loose in the thighs and seat and tapered down the leg. Added bonus? Our premium joggers are built to withstand even the roughest wash and will maintain their shape and feel for life. From classic to relaxed-fit, there’s no jogger we haven’t perfected.

Upgrade your sweatpant game and try a pair of our men’s stretch joggers. We promise, one-day in these athleisure wear warriors and you will be a fan for life.


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