Casual Golf Attire

Golf can sometimes be seen as a stuffy sport, but for those of us that love nothing more than a day on the course, we know that nothing could be further from the truth. At Swet Tailor®, we make stylish, comfortable, performance-oriented golf clothes for men that will have you looking (and feeling) great on and off the course. We offer some of the most comfortable golf clothes on earth and we do it without compromising style or function. 

Golf Clothes for Men

When are men’s golf slacks and polos more than just pants and a shirt? When they’re made by Swet Tailor®. Take our Voyager Trousers. These golf trousers are designed to perfection, giving you high-performance golf pants that are flexible, comfortable, and stylish enough to go from the links to client drinks without breaking a swet. Our Tour Polo follows the same trend, giving you a stylish shirt that moves with your swing and can hold its own, on the course and off. Our entire line of golf clothes is made to move with your swing and your life, giving you the comfort you need on the course with style and structure that allow you to bring them from driving range to the office.