Casual Golf Attire

Casual golf attire is a cool genre with a stuffy name. At Swet Tailor, we’ve put our own spin on this classic game. Our casual golf wear is designed for the modern man, giving you a versatile, stylish, and performance-driven wardrobe that works on the course and off. We’re talking men’s golf outfits that are breathable and flexible enough to keep you on your “A-game” and structured enough to hold their own at post-links dinner or a post-game date. The secret to our casual golf wear is a focus on comfort and stretch with an unwaverable commitment to structure and style. 

When it comes to clothes, our view is that they’re there to be worn and enjoyed, not swapped out throughout the day because they can’t hold their own. Our entire casual golf wear collection is designed to be worn day or night, in the office or on the course, at date night or during a Sunday movie marathon. 

Swet Tailor: Upping the Game on Golf Outfits for Men

People always ask us how our golf outfits for men maintain their versatility, shape, and comfort on the course and off. Well, we would love to shock the world with some giant secret, but the key to our casual golf attire is their design and materials. Let’s start with design. Our golf pants and shorts are tailored to taper slightly at the calf, offering a streamlined look that can truly work in any situation. We’ve included features like inner waist drawstrings, 5-pockets, and cuffed or uncuffed options to give you the utility you need to last for a full game of 18-holes without losing your keys, wallet, cell phone, and everything else.

Out golf shirts and polos are made to be tucked in or out and feel soft and breathable without giving off a stuffy or aged appearance. 

Materials-wise, we only use the best. All of our casual golf wear features natural fabric/spandex blends which give them the stretch that put our name on the map. These materials are sourced for their softness and durability and are designed to be worn and washed without ever losing their shape or structure. These materials also ensure a breathable garment which is pretty important when you’re standing on a hot golf course in some mid-summer heat. 

Our golf outfits for men are also designed to play well with others. For example, pair one of our golf polos with a pair of Everyday Chino golf shorts and your links ready. Now, take that same polo and pair it with some jeans and you have a casual Friday outfit for the office all ready to go. Everything in our golf collection is made to be mixed and matched, giving you a diverse wardrobe that can truly go anywhere and do anything.

Swet Tailor: Rethink Casual Golf Wear

Like rules, genres are made to be broken. Our casual golf wear gives you casual golf attire that you can wear day or night, 24/27/365…and it does it all without compromising any performance, comfort, or style. 

Clothes should make things more comfortable, simple, and fun, and that’s exactly what our collections aim to do. At Swet Tailor, we invite you to try out life without the outfit change.

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