Performance Quarter Zip | Black w/White StripePerformance Quarter Zip | Black w/White Stripe

Performance Quarter Zip

Performance Tipped Polo | White w/Yellow TippingPerformance Tipped Polo | White w/Yellow Tipping
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Performance Tipped Polo

$692 for $130 | 3 for $165
Varsity Striped Collar Polo | Navy w/Red TippingVarsity Striped Collar Polo | Navy w/Red Tipping

Varsity Striped Collar Polo

Tour Polo | WhiteTour Polo | White

Tour Polo

Fairway Jogger | WhiteFairway Jogger | White
Best SellerNew Color

Fairway Jogger

$1192 for $200 | 3 for $285

Men's Activewear Shirts

At Swet Tailor®, we view shirt as a verb. We believe shirts should move with your body and your life. You shouldn’t need a shirt for every occasion; you should have a collection of shirts that are ready for anything and up for everything. Our collection of men’s activewear embodies these characteristics and invites you to live life without a change of clothes. These are your golf shirts, your office shirts, and your first date shirts. These are your “go anywhere do anything” shirts that perform as well as they look and feel. Our men’s performance shirts destroy the myth that shirts are a one-note piece of clothing and offer a stylish look that moves with you all day.

Just Breathe 

Our collection of men’s activewear shirts is designed with real men and real lives in mind. We wanted to create activewear shirts that could carry you through your day with the comfort, style, and functionality you expect from your clothes. A big part of this was creating a line of men’s performance shirts that provide the breathability and airflow you need to comfortably go from morning coffee to late-night tacos without breaking a sweat…literally. Our men’s activewear shirts feature lightweight, innovative fabric blends that keep you cool, keep the airflow going throughout the day, and allow our shirts to move with your life and body without becoming oversized or losing their shape. Better yet, our polos and golf shirts are designed to be worn tucked in or tucked out, giving you the freedom to tuck as you please 24/7. 

Life is meant to be lived, and our shirts play by your rules, giving you the freedom to experience each day without having to stop for a change of clothes. It’s a line of men’s activewear shirts designed for busy, full lives. Simple as that. 

Performance Shirts for Men

Swet Tailor® was founded on the belief that all clothing should be able to go anywhere and do anything. Your work clothes should be able to hold their own on the golf course, and your running shirt should be able to move from the treadmill to the dinner table. Our collection of men’s activewear shirts embodies this belief. From men’s active polos that feel at home on the golf course and in the boardroom to quarter-zips that look as good getting coffee as they do on the track, our shirts are designed for men who have busy lives and who refuse to compromise when it comes to their clothes. 

Lifes’ Complicated enough; clothes should be simple. 

Swet Tailor®: Demand More.