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Voyager Blazer

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Stretch Blazers for Men

Blazers have an uncanny ability to elevate any outfit. From dressing up a t-shirt and jeans to putting the finishing touches on a nice button-down and slacks, few items of clothing like the blazer are more versatile. At Swet Tailor®, we believe that clothes should be less complicated. Our line of men’s stretch blazers fully embodies this principle. Our stretch blazers can go from work to weekend without missing a beat. With a tailored fit that leaves you with room to breathe, our men’s stretch blazers feature a spandex blend that ensures a comfortable, reliable fit that truly moves with you. 

Not Your Average Blazer

Blazers are great articles of clothing that sometimes get a reputation for being boring or overdone. Well, not ours. When we created our stretch blazers for men, we wanted to design a blazer that was much more than something you wore to the office or on the golf course. Our men’s performance blazers are designed to be one of the most versatile–and worn–items in your closet. The secret to the versatility of our commuter blazers is their design. First, we built a lot of stretch, making our stretch blazers for men comfortable and allowing them to move with your body without losing their structure or shape. Second, we made sure that all of our men’s performance blazers were breathable, enhancing their comfort and practicality in warm weather, warm planes, and hot offices. 

With their stretch and focus on comfort and breathability, our men’s performance blazers are really an article of clothing you can take anywhere. Today’s men deserve the freedom to live their lives without having to pack a change of clothes. Our stretch blazers for men were designed to allow busy people to live their lives without having to stop for an outfit change. It’s comfortable blazers that look good, feel good, and are fun to wear.

Men's Travel Blazer

Planes and trains can be style deserts. It’s often challenging to find a travel outfit that will give you the comfort you need with the style you crave. At Swet Tailor®, we’ve never shied away from a challenge. Our line of men’s travel blazers is soon-to-become your new travel go-to. Made with a nylon/spandex blend, these commuter blazers will allow you to move (and nod off) while giving you a refined look that can easily transition from runway to office. 

Our men’s stretch blazers will redefine your definition of what travel clothing should look and feel like. Travel more. Change Less.