Men's Performance Polos

Every man needs that one piece of clothing that they can rely on in any situation. In the ‘50s, it was a stiff hat. In the ‘90s, it was that one pair of oversized jeans. In the 2020s, it’s the polo. At Swet Tailor®, we’ve designed a line of men’s performance polos that work in almost any situation. From business meetings and business flights to happy hours and first dates, our premium men’s polo shirts are moisture-wicking and UPF50, which means less sweat and more living. Our founding principle was to create clothing that simplifies life. All of our men’s premium polo shirts are designed to move with your life. With Swet Tailor®, you can pack less and live more.

Men's Golf Polo Shirts

Finding a versatile men’s golf polo isn’t easy. You need the right balance of sport, function, and style. Swet Tailor® was founded to meet this challenge. Our golf polos for men offer the ultimate performance and sun protection while maintaining their shape, style, and comfort. Whether you’re going to a business lunch from the golf course or to a charity event from the airport, our men’s golf polos will ensure you look the part.


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