An Interview With Jack Ireland

Here at SWET Tailor, we love shining a spotlight on our fabulous ambassadors, especially when one is as talented and down-to-earth as Jack Ireland. Jack’s father, Jim Ireland, is our resident golf guru, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have both of them in the SWET family. Check out our interview with Jack, where we chat about how he started, his routines on the green, and tips for up-and-coming golfers.

Hi Jack! With the last name Ireland, we have to ask; Are you Irish?
No, I’m not. I’m Swedish, Scottish, and German. I get asked that a lot, though; people will tease me and ask why I don’t have a green tee or a four-leaf clover.

What age were you when you started to play?
I started playing when I was four or five and entered my first tournament when I was fourteen. One of the first big tournaments I played was down in San Diego with Aaron Wise, who’s on the PGA tour. Casey Martin, the head coach for the University of Oregon, came to watch me, which was really cool.

Any players you look up to? Favorite mentor or coach?
Mentor-wise, my Dad is a huge one. He always made golf fun, which is one of the reasons I stuck with it. That rubbed off on me, and I always tell the younger players to make sure they’re having fun too. Working with my coach Dana Dahlquist has been incredible as well. As for players I look up to, Cameron Tringale is a good friend and transitioned my game. He’s been playing on the PGA Tour for years, and he helped me when I was deciding where to go to college.

Do you have a typical warmup routine?
I don’t have a specific warmup routine per se, but I do have a certain way I hit balls. I always putt first, and then I go hit balls, so I’m ready for the tee shot on the first hole.

Are you superstitious when it comes to the game?
I feel like I’m the one golfer that isn’t superstitious. I don’t care what number ball I have, but I do carry a half dollar. A lot of guys do that.

If you’re not playing golf, what would we find you doing?
Well, I live in Houston, and it’s summer and very hot out, so there are a lot of days you’ll find me staying in and watching The Office. If it’s not too hot out, I love going for a run, fishing, and spending my free time with my girlfriend, Malia. She played college golf also at the University of Redlands, and one day she saw me playing at the Wilshire Country Club in LA. She messaged me later that day, and we started dating shortly after.

If you could golf with anyone living or dead, who would it be?
Matthew McConaughey. He’s just so casually cool and seems like he enjoys hanging out with people. I’m not super serious when I’m not playing tournaments, so I think if I got to play a round with him, my Dad, and my brother Sam, it would be perfect.

Any advice for new players?
Work hard, and be super observant. Know exactly what’s going on because, at the end of the day, you need to understand golf in order to be good at it. There are so many variables; half the battle is showing up and being confident.

What’s your favorite pair of SWET bottoms?
When I first got introduced to Swet, I was an All-In Pants guy. Then I tried the Duo Joggers and realized they fit just the same but had a different look that I also loved. That’s the best part about Swet Tailor; everything fits so well and is consistent that there isn’t a single piece I don’t like.