We are now offering online discounts to members of the Military, First Responders, Teachers and Students. The 25% discount can be applied to all orders and can be used by Active Duty & Veteran military and their spouses, Police officers, Firefighters, EMT, Teachers and Students.

We’ve partnered with VerifyPass, one of the few companies to hold a partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense, to provide verification services.  The process is simple and usually takes less than 30 seconds.  Customers will submit non-sensitive, uniquely identifying information to be verified without the need for a document.  In the event verification is not instantly passed a document may be submitted.  Afterwards, verified customers will receive a unique, single-use discount code that can be used at swettailor.com.

Terms & Conditions
Discount codes cannot be combined. Codes are unique and valid for one purchase only. For future purchases, you will need a fresh code from VerifyPass. Limit 1 per customer per 24 hours. Sharing your discount code is not permitted. Do not retrieve a discount code unless you intend to use it immediately. Sharing or harvesting codes will result in permanent ban from VerifyPass.