Men's Loungewear

Loungewear has come a long way from sweats that you would never leave the house in or hoodies that are reserved for a night of chinese food and the couch. Today's loungewear is a bit more sophisticated, and at Swet Tailor, we have hoodies and joggers that give you all of the comfort and luxury of those beaten in sweats with the style and sophistication you need to move from couch to coffee shop. Our hoodies and joggers are designed with some of the world’s best and softest materials, made to feel as good as they look. With performance and utility in mind, everything we make is “gym-ready” and is created to move with your body and your day.

Forget everything you know about loungewear and let us show you exactly what this genre should be. 

Hoodies and Joggers for this Generation 

Everyone has had those days where all you want is that worn-in hoodie and joggers that you’ve been wearing since college and that still fit like a glove. At Swet Tailor, our goal was to create joggers and hoodie sets that give you that worn in feel with the style and performance you need to take the loungewear and make it last all day long. We’re talking hoodies that you can wear to the gym and then take on your first (or 100th) date. Joggers that can go from the court to the office without requiring a pit stop to change clothes. One of our favorite aspects of our hoodies and joggers is that they’re designed to play well with others and can be seamlessly mixed and matched with anything you have in your closet. Casual Fridays? Try joggers paired with an untucked button down or t-shirt and blazer. Night with the boys? Our hoodie and jogger sets are a great way to nail the perfect outfit without having to spend too much time planning your look. 

Work or play, our hoodies and joggers are designed to handle it all with comfort and ease. And with features like zipped pockets and elastic waistbands, our joggers and hoodies are made for real life and won’t leave you without a place to keep your credit cards, keys, cellphone…and whatever else you carry around. 

It’s All About Materials 

When it comes to materials and fabrics, we don’t play around. Our hoodies and joggers feature natural fabrics like our 100% Suprese™ - 96/4 cotton/spandex blend which gives our hoodie and jogger sets the stretch they need to move with your body and never get misshapen or stretched out. These fabrics also ensure that our hoodies and joggers are breathable and have tons of ventilation to keep things light and breezy all day long. 

Another benefit of using some of the world’s best fabrics is that our hoodies and joggers feel soft and worn in from day one. No awkward breaking in stage, no itchiness, no stiffness, just pure comfort 24/7/365.

Swet Tailor: Not Your Grandfather’s Leisurewear

When it comes to leisurewear, you’re not going to find a company like ours. Our hoodies and joggers and hoodie and jogger sets are versatile, performance-driven, and designed for real people with real schedules and real lives. We believe that life is best lived when you don’t have to run home for a change of clothes, and we design collections that can go from work to play seamlessly without breaking a sweat. 

Better clothes make better stories. Swet Tailor, reimagine what clothes can be.