Men's Loungewear

When it's done right, men’s loungewear is comfortable, versatile, and up for anything. It’s men’s lounge hoodies and t-shirts that are perfect for a night-in and provide the perfect combination of warmth and comfort for an evening at the beach with friends. It’s men’s lounge joggers and shorts that hold their own at the gym, but that won't look out of place at your favorite brunch spot. At Swet Tailor, we believe that all clothes are “everywhere clothes'', and our men’s loungewear is no exception. Our collection of comfortable loungewear for men is designed to bring performance, style, and comfort to all of the spaces you inhabit, from the couch to the CrossFit studio. 

Comfortable Loungewear for Men

When it comes to clothes, we don’t play favorites, but if we had to pick a line that best spoke to our style and ethos, it would be our men’s loungewear. This collection embodies the best parts of our brand: style, performance, and a near obsession with comfort and fit. Like everything we do, each piece of our men’s loungewear collection is designed to work well in a range of public and private situations, giving you the versatility you need to live your life without pause. No more clothing changes, no more bags of clothes in the car. 

Our clothes are all made with breathability and utility in mind and are designed to keep you cool while never losing shape. Joggers that don’t look two sizes too big after 2 leg days? We got you. 

Pro tip? Mix and match our loungewear pieces to create and bundle them into men’s loungewear sets that really pop. Pair men’s lounge joggers with one of our t-shirts for a clean, casual look or try pairing one of our men’s lounge hoodies with a classic pair of shorts for a comfortable spring look. Live fully. Dress the part.