Men’s Activewear

At Swet Tailor, activewear is a verb. We think that all clothes should be activewear because unless you live your life sitting down, life is a pretty active sport. Our men’s activewear is designed to go where you go, do what you do, and to move and shift with your body and life. Every piece of men’s activewear that we create is made to be versatile and is able to go from gym to work to play without requiring a change of clothes. 

Great clothes designed for busy people with busy lives, what a concept. 

Swet Tailor: Reimagining Great Men’s Activewear 

Years ago, men’s active sportswear was relegated to the gym or the sports field. Today, activewear simply refers to clothes that are designed to move. At Swet Tailor, we have a diverse line of men’s activewear that encompasses everything from men’s active pants (joggers, denim, etc.) to active dress pants (think slacks for this generation). 

Our joggers are made to move, designed with premium cotton or nylon/spandex blends, are tapered for a structured fit, and feature breathable materials that will keep your legs cool, calm, and collected no matter how intense your workout, coffee date, work from home session… The key to our joggers is a flexibility and stretch that allow you to move around as you wish without worrying about your pants becoming stretched or misshapen. These joggers will take a beating (and a wash) and fit like day one on day 100. 

Looking for something a bit more refined? Our Duo and Virtus collections fall squarely into the “active dress pants” category. These are pants that are “work” on the outside and “best leg day of the year” on the inside. Made with polyester/spandex blends, our active dress pants collection gives you the sleek and refined look you need for work with the movability and breathability you need to move around like you want to. From a long day in the office to a game of 18-holes, this collection is versatile enough to go all day long without needing a change of clothes or comfort break. 

Let’s Talk Materials

Everything we design is made from premium fabric/spandex blends that give our clothes a soft feel and utility-forward performance. Our men’s activewear features breathable fabrics that won’t suffocate you and that ensure a ventilated, cool experience no matter what the weather, season, or environment. We also make sure that everything we produce is designed to be worn and washed without ever losing their structure or shape, giving you the confidence you need to wear our clothes for years and years without worry. 

Swet Tailor: Clothes Designed for Life 

Swet Tailor is a lifestyle brand in the true sense of the term. Everything we make is designed to be worn, lived in, and experienced. Our men’s activewear is versatile and made to go anywhere and do anything 24/7/365. We believe in clothes that don’t require a change bag and we design outfits for real people with real lives and real schedules. 

Life is better when you don’t have to stop along the way. Swet Tailor: Clothes made to live in.