Men's Stretch Pants

Men’s athleisure pants are a category all their own. Not quite athletic pants, not quite leisure pants, athleisure wear is a unique blend of style and comfort that give you flexible, versatile pants that can go anywhere, so anything, and last all day and night. At Swet Tailor, we’ve created a diverse collection of men’s athleisure pants that give you the comfort and performance you need to kill it at work and then head home for a dinner with your boo without having to stop mid-way to change things up. Our entire collection of athleisure joggers, athleisure pants, and men’s casual athletic pants are designed to be versatile and performance-driven, giving you a collection that you can wear anywhere and that can move with your day without cramping your style. 

Our theory on men’s athleisure pants is that they shouldn’t be conditional, they should be an article of clothing that you can travel with, work with, play with, and live in. 

Men’s Casual Athletic Pants for This Generation 

Traditionally, men’s casual athletic pants have been reserved for the locker room or basketball court. These were pants you ran home to change into and then quickly change out of after your workout was complete. While we have nothing but respect for the OG men’s athleisure pants, we think things should be a bit more fluid. At Swet Tailor, we’ve designed a collection of casual men’s athletic pants that you don’t need to take off as soon as you finish leg day. Our athletes are comfortable and flexible enough to handle a hard gym session but structured and stylish enough to tackle double duty at the office or on date night. 

The other benefit of our men’s athleisure pants collection is that they are easy to mix and match so you can dress them up and down however you need to. Pair our athleisure joggers with a button down for a comfortable casual Friday look or pair our athleisure pants with a t-shirt and hoodie for a comfortable, yet stylish take on Sunday brunch attire.

Materials You Can Trust

The secret to our men’s casual athletic pants is our use of natural fabric/spandex blends which allow our pants to stretch and move with your body while maintaining their shape, structure, and comfort. Our entire men’s athleisure pants collection is designed to feel great and to look as good as they feel.

With design elements like elastic waistlines and hidden, zipped pockets, our men’s athleisure pants are as useful as they are comfortable and allow you to move through your day without limits or pit stops.

Swet Tailor: Not Your Average Men’s Athleisure Pants

At Swet Tailor, everything we design is made to move throughout your day seamlessly, eliminating the challenges of finding a place to change clothes as you go from activity to activity. Our clothes are versatile and ready to perform, giving you the structure and style you need with the flexibility and movement you deserve. 

Life is better when you don’t have to make stops along the way. Let us show you how good men’s athleisure wear can be.