Men's Activewear Shorts

Shorts are rarely given the respect they deserve. A good pair of shorts can help you crush a workout, perfect your golf game, or set the stage for a stylish summer look. With everything they are, one thing traditional shorts lack is versatility. Enter Swet Tailor®. Our collection of men’s activewear shorts offers a comfortable short that looks as good as it feels. With moisture-wicking technology, a compression liner, and a four-way stretch that almost feels too good to be true, you will be hard-pressed to find activities that these shorts don’t enhance. 

Activate Your Style: Active Shorts for Men

Men’s active shorts tend to be one-trick ponies. While they shine at the gym, they often fall flat in other environments. At Swet Tailor®, we’ve created gym shorts for men that go far beyond the bench press and treadmill. Our men’s workout shorts are designed to carry you through your workout and then take you to lunch without breaking a sweat. In keeping with the Swet Tailor® brand, our men’s tech shorts are made to go wherever life takes you and look as good in a restaurant as they do on the basketball court. 

Sure, our men’s tech shorts are stylish, but are they functional? You bet. Our men’s activewear shorts collection features a compression liner and hidden cell phone pocket, which will keep your phone tucked away through any run, bike-ride, or pick-up game. Have more than your cell phone to worry about? Our men’s gym shorts with pockets have enough room for your keys, wallet, and whatever else you can’t leave home without. 

Your life is rich and diverse, so why would you ever wear shorts that were just one note? At Swet Tailor®, we invite you to dress simply and live loudly.