Men's Outerwear

With Swet Tailor®, sweater weather has never looked so good. Our men’s outerwear takes the bulk and discomfort out of your cold-weather experience and replaces it with comfort and breathability. Think of athleisure wear as the chameleon of the fashion world. At Swet Tailor®, we have curated a collection of athleisure jackets that bring the dynamism of athletic wear to stylish outwear that feels and moves as good as they look. Our men’s outerwear clothing collection is made for every body and almost every situation. 

Athleisure Jackets for Men

We know what you’re thinking. You’re imagining a vigorous 18-holes in a bulky, cumbersome ensemble. Not with us. All of our athleisure outerwear is designed to provide the flexibility that allows you to move for living your best life...warmly. From golf outerwear that can hold its own in the office to active jackets that maintain their look and feel for life, our premium outerwear for men truly does it all. Swet Tailor® was founded on the principle that clothing should move with life, not the reverse. EveryDay. EveryWear.™ Our men’s outerwear seamlessly transitions from sport to work, work to drinks, and drinks to wherever the night takes you. 

Life’s complicated enough, your clothes shouldn’t be. In 2015, Swet Tailor® redefined casual. This year, let us redefine your relationship with outerwear. We promise, you won’t regret it.


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