Gifts for Athletes

You’ve already bought the athlete in your life every sports item and piece of memorabilia known to what’s next? Stylish, functional, performance-based clothing. At Swet Tailor®, we design clothing for every body, they just happen to make perfect gifts for athletes. In 2005, we turned the “athleisure” (aka clothes that look like they’re made for the office but feel like they were born to live in the gym) world on its head and we haven’t looked back. Our clothes are designed to move and perform, and that makes our product the ultimate gift for athletic men

If you’re looking for some wow-worthy gifts for athletic men, look no further. We’ve put together this handy athletic gift guide to help you navigate the (sometimes) harrowing world of gift ideas for athletes.

Gifts for Athletic Men 101

So, what are the best gifts for athletes? Here are our top three suggestions:

  1. Heart Pumping Hoodies: Athletes and hoodies go together like Gatorade and Sunday Night Football. Our Swet® Hoodie is lightweight and flexible and can take a beating without losing its structure and shape. 
  2. Anything But Your Average Shorts: All shorts are not created equal. At Swet Tailor®, we’ve designed a pair of sweat-wicking, stretch shorts that will enhance any workout. Added bonus? These shorts are built to perform yet designed to impress. Your athlete can wear them from the field to the dinner table without missing a beat. 
  3. A Quarter-Zip That Dreams are Made of: If you have a golfer or tennis player in your life, then this quarter zip is for you...well...for them really. This pullover can go for a run, a coffee, or a game of doubles, all while maintaining its classic style and shape. Overachiever much?
Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for your athletic boyfriend or looking for a birthday present for your youngest athlete, Swet Tailor®’s got your back. Our clothes are made to perform and are the perfect workout accessory. We sweat the small details, so you don’t have to. Live simply. Perform strongly.