Duo Joggers Collection

Sometimes, you want a jogger that can do it all. Work, play, Sunday night with the boys. Our Duo Joggers give you the look of structured pants with the fabric, feel, and flexibility of a jogger. Duo Joggers combine our two most popular collections, giving you the material and look of a Duo Pant with the comfort, softness, and performance of our joggers. The result? A jogger that takes you everywhere you need to go and lets you achieve everything you want to accomplish. 

So Much More Than Your Average Jogger

Let’s face it. When it comes to pants, joggers reign supreme. They’re comfortable, you can move in them, and they support you in all the places you need most. With our Duo Joggers, we took the best parts of our Duo Pants collection and merged them with a jogger, giving you one of the most versatile, comfortable, and performance-heavy pant collections that we’ve ever created. 

Have a work event? Pair our Duo Joggers with a Swet Tailor® button down and get the professionalism you need with the style and comfort you deserve. Have something more casual in mind? Our Duo Joggers also pair well with our line of hoodies and t-shirts, offering you a casual look that looks and feels exactly how you want it to. 

It’s the jogger you need with the feel and performance you deserve.