What to Wear to Pickleball for Men

One of the best things about pickleball is that there’s absolutely no dress code…but that doesn’t mean you can’t try to look good playing it. Pickleball may not get the respect that tennis and squash get (yet), but that doesn’t mean it’s not an active sport, and like tennis, what you wear isn’t solely about style and how good you look. Sure, choosing the right pickleball attire will help impress people on the court, but when done correctly, men’s pickleball apparel can actually help your game.

If you’ve been racking your brain trying to decide what to wear to pickleball, you’ve come to the right place. While we can’t help you improve your game or assist you in going from amateur to ace, we have details on what makes the best pickleball clothes and what your best options are for men’s pickleball clothing. 

The Best Clothes to Wear for Pickleball

Like any sport, pickleball clothes are an art, not a science. Men’s pickleball outfits need to provide a stretch, some breathability, and a lot of durability. You want to look for activewear that’s light and won’t weigh you down or overheat you on the court. We’re talking pickleball clothing that are made from natural fabrics, feature ventilation and are designed to stretch and move with your body, not work against it. 

General rules of thumb: 

Comfort: Like any sport, when it comes to the best pickleball clothes, comfort is king. No matter what you wear, you want to make sure that it feels good on, you’re going to want to wear it for hours on end, and it isn’t itching, cutting, or distracting you mid-game.

Choose Pickleball Attire that is Easily Layered: Weather is a thing, and it can change on a dime no matter what season you’re playing pickleball in. When you show up to the court, make sure you have clothing options that allow you to sweat during the game and then cover up a bit post-court when things may cool down.

For example, the Swet Tailor Lightweight Hoodie is perfect for those cooler nights and will keep you warm without weighing you down.

You also want to try and find clothes for pickleball that can get wet and keep you dry and comfortable in all weather conditions. 

Stretch (into) your Comfort Zone. As we’ve mentioned throughout this blog, when selecting the perfect pickleball outfit, stretch is as critical as it gets. As you're diving for balls and running cross-court, the last thing you want to worry about is a split pair of shorts or a shirt that makes it impossible to get your backhand in shape. Pickleball clothes with stretch ensure that you have the comfort and flexibility that you need to get those “wins” under your (very stretchable) belt. 

Swet Tailor’s new Summit Collection pretty much defines this category. This collection gives you structure and style to impress your court mates with the performance, breathability, and stretch that you need to always put your best foot, and racquet, forward. 

Pay Attention to the Time of Day You’re Playing: Playing pickleball at night is pretty great. With the lights on the court, it’s easy to forget you’re playing pickleball and easy to feel like you’re trying to get that match point at the US Open. With that said, if you’re an avid late-night (or early night…really any night) pickleball player, make sure you go with clothes for pickleball that are reflective and that give you some visibility, even in low-light conditions. 

Pickleball Tops

t shirts for pickleball

Breathability is one of the most important things to consider when selecting your pickleball tops. You want to go with shirts that have ventilation built in, and that won’t hold onto heat and moisture. Look for shirts made from natural fibers–specifically cotton/spandex blends. Cotton is naturally one of the most breathable and light fabrics out there, and adding some spandex gives you that stretch and movability you need to stay comfortable and agile on the court. Pickleball clothing has to breathe, so always make sure you’re looking for options that will help you stay cool, calm, and collected. 

For a classic look, go with a simple polo which will give you a refined feel without stifling your style or game. T-shirts are a pickleball staple and, when paired with the right bottoms, can give you a casual and moveable look that still has an edge or err of coolness built in. We’re partial to the Swet Tailor Stretch-T due to its comfort, flexibility, and performance-forward construction.

Pickleball Bottoms 

pickleball shorts

As referenced several times throughout this blog, pickleball is an active sport. With that in mind, you want to look for pants or shorts designed for action. Think lightweight, breathable material that isn’t too constricting or uncomfortable during summer months or in warmer climates and environments. 

Pickleball shorts for men are the classic sports option, giving you flexibility and comfort and helping you stay cool. When looking at shorts, we invite you to look beyond the traditional mesh options. Satin is a great athletic wear material since it stays cool to the touch and feels great on your skin. We also love sweat shorts since they tend to have a lot of stretch and handle regular washes and abuse pretty well. 

For cooler weather or colder environments, sweatpants are a great men’s pickleball outfit choice as they keep you warm but still give you that unlimited range and movement that you need to win the game. Pro tip, Swet Tailors satin trim shorts and active shorts are designed to feel cool and soft against your skin without suffocating your legs or making you feel too constricted.

Whatever bottoms you choose, make sure they are designed to handle sweat and washes and won’t fall apart or become warped or overstretched after a few wears. Pickleball apparel that can’t hold its own after a tough night on the court has no room in your closet or in your gym bag.

Pickleball Footwear and Accessories

Remember earlier when we encouraged you to keep the weather in mind? Yeah…that’s a real thing. When you’re selecting your pickleball attire, make sure that you throw a breathable activewear hoodie or jacket into your bag for cool nights or rapidly changing court conditions. Like your pickleball tops, look for breathable layers that resist moisture. You want hoodies or light jackets that won’t hold onto smells or sweat, give you a little stretch, and that you can easily throw into the washing machine post-game.

Now, let’s talk footwear. When it comes to pickleball footwear, sneakers or “tennis shoes” reign supreme. The last thing you want is to dive for a ball and have a slide “slide” right off or to get a heel stuck in the court. When choosing your pickleball attire footwear, make sure you choose a comfortable shoe with good traction on various surfaces–pickleball courts range from smooth and slippery to coarse and grainy. Like with your tops and bottoms, you want to look for footwear that breathes, is moisture-wicking, or handles moisture and sweat well, and that will feel good on your feet for hours on end. 

Swet Tailor: The Ultimate Pickleball Accessory

When it comes to clothes for pickleball, Swet Tailor has you covered. Our clothes are designed to move and give you the style you need with the performance and durability you deserve. Everything we make is made to work in a variety of settings, allowing you to go from work to court with no need to stop at home and change your clothes. Our activewear is breathable, made from natural fabric blends, and we promise our clothes won’t go from “fits like a glove” to “awkward and bulky” in one hard day on the court. 

Check us out today, your pickleball game will thank you.