The Go-To Thanksgiving Outfit

Let’s be honest, the holidays are kind of weird this year. We can’t fill a room with friends and family, many of us won’t be travelling like we usually do, and some of us will only feel comfortable getting together over Zoom. The good news is there’s still every opportunity to kickback with the Macy’s Day Parade, devour a pile full of food, and connect with the people we’re grateful for, whether online or in real life.

One of our go-to tips for making this year’s holidays feel like less of a bummer is to step up your style and show the people you can celebrate with how much you still care. With these six Thanksgiving dinner outfit ideas from Swet Tailor, you can add a little festivity to your look without sacrificing comfort.

All-In Pants

All In Pants

The All-In Pant is Swet Tailor’s alternative to a pair of jeans. It’s built with all the stretch and breathability of athletic apparel, but still tailored to grandma and grandpa’s likings. If you’re hanging on Zoom all day, the stretch fabric relaxes with you on the couch, so you can keep up appearances while lounging at the same time.

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SWET Jogger

All-In Pants

From the style experts at Swet Tailor, we have one request: please don’t wear sweatpants to Thanksgiving! While we know it’s the most comfortable option for filling up on food, it just looks sloppy and not very respectful. Swet Tailor’s Jogger offers the same level of comfort as your favorite pair of sweats but with a smart, tapered fit.

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Duo Pants

Duo Pants

This one’s for all those of you who are looking to dress to impress this Thanksgiving. Perhaps instead of meeting up with family this year, you’re opting for a romantic candlelit dinner for two. Or maybe you’re headed out to a Michelin-rated restaurant. Whatever the reason for styling up, Swet Tailor’s Duo Pants take your look to the next level. Slim meets stretch in this 5-pocket style with custom tonal rivets and buttons. This is without a doubt, Swet’s sleekest pair of pants.

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SWET Hoodie

Lightweight Hoodie

‘Tis the the season for layering. Swet Tailor’s Lightweight Hoodie is the perfect accessory for transitioning from outdoors to indoors and everything in between. It leaves plenty of room for a tee underneath and fits comfortably under your favorite fall jacket. Pro tip: The longer ribbed cuffs make it easy to roll-up-your-sleeves when it’s time to get serious in the kitchen.

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For a sweater alternative that’s a lot less itchy and claustrophobic than a traditional knit, our SWET-Shirt works double duty. It keeps you warm while allowing you to breathe. This is one of our favorite Thanksgiving dinner outfit ideas, because it’s as presentable as it is practical. The best part? It’s built with 4-way stretch to recoil and rebound, so no need to worry about your stomach expanding after your second slice of pumpkin pie.

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Mindful Shirt

Mindful Shirt

You know what makes Mom happy on Thanksgiving? Her favorite son in a button down collared shirt. Our Mindful Shirt is just as mom-approved as it is stretchy and breathable. We’ve designed this shirt at exactly the right length to be worn tucked in or not. You choose your style; we provide the comfort.

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Wondering what to wear for Thanksgiving, so you can gobble up seconds and thirds without sacrificing style? These Thanksgiving dinner outfit ideas are a great place to start! Explore the Swet Tailor site for more comfort-driven styles that feel like athletic wear but look way better.