Swet Tailor’s Guide to Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day is one of those holidays that comes with a decent amount of pressure to find the perfect gift to honor the most important men in your life. Our Dad’s husbands, brothers, and friends do so much throughout the year and this is the one day they have to sit back, relax, and be pampered by the people that matter most to them. 

Father’s Day Gift Guide

While Father’s Day gifts are something that we all tend to place a lot of emphasis on, once you master the art of men’s gift giving, finding the perfect items to surprise the fathers in your life actually becomes pretty easy. The following Father’s Day gift guide has some great Father’s Day gift ideas that will knock the socks off (socks are a great gift by the way!) even the most challenging gift recipient. 

Shirt and Tops

shirts for men

A good shirt is a man’s best friend. If that’s not the saying, it should be. Shirts are a great Father’s Day gift idea because they’re useful, practical, and when done right, a comfortable shirt can be a real day maker. 

Polos: A good polo can do anything. Whether the Dads in your life are into golf or just have a 9 to 5 that requires some style and finesse, a Swet Polo is a great Father’s Day gift and the ultimate daily accessory. Our polos feature lightweight fabric blends that give them a stretch where you need it but also ensure that they don’t lose their structure and shape. They also give the men in your life some bicep accentuating ribbed sleeves and are tailored to work tucked in on the course or tucked out for date night, dance recitals, or whatever else pops up.

Button-Downs: In some ways, a button-down is the classic Father’s Day gift, but at Swet Tailor, we’ve put our own spin on the genre. Like everything we make, our button-downs are designed to work in any and all occasions and give Dad the ability to go from work to post-work activities without having to stop and change clothes. Our button-downs are structured, give just enough stretch, and feature cotton blends that make them soft and comfortable all day long. Available in long and short-sleeved options, you can’t really go wrong with this option. 

Blazers: Blazers are one of those things that, when done right, can easily become Dad’s favorite article of clothing. Our blazers are designed to offer the ultimate in comfort and performance and feature a lightweight, breathable fabric blend that gives you everything you need to move around all day long. As an added bonus, our blazers are made to travel and can be thrown into an overnight bag or checked luggage without becoming a misshapen mess. Whether the Dads in your life need a nice springtime jacket or a work-time outfit enhancer, our Blazers are a great gift for Fathers who want to look and feel their best 24/7.

Hoodies, Swet-Shirts, and Outerwear 

hoodies for father's day

Hoodies and Swet-Shirts: Is there anything better than a soft, worn-in hoodie or Swet-shirt (see what we did there)? You don’t even need to answer that, the answer is “no”. Our hoodies and swet-shirts come in zip-up, hooded, and crew-neck options and are soft yet durable and made from breathable fabric blends that include underarm vents for extra ventilation and cool-down abilities. Our designs are made for the gym, couch, restaurant, and office floor, giving the men in your life the ultimate comfort item that’s stylish enough to work anywhere and do anything. 

The other beauty of a classic hoodie or swet-shirt is that they work for everyone. From athletes to tech entrepreneurs to gamers, every Dad needs a good swet-shirt…it’s just a fact. 

Outerwear: Cold weather doesn’t have to be so…unstylish. Our outwear is lightweight yet warm and designed to give the dads in your life an everyday jacket that works at home, in the office, out with the boys, and wherever else life takes them. With features like zipped pockets so that you can hold onto those keys and wallets, to fleece and other fabric blends that offer warmth and breathability, our outerwear collection will forever change the way that your men view cold-er weather gear. 

Shorts and Joggers

men's joggers and shorts

Shorts: Whether you’re looking for a gift for Fathers who love to golf or you need a Father’s Day gift idea for the sun loving Dads in your world, our collection of shorts are second to none. From active shorts to golf shorts to shorts that would work at a family event or at your favorite Friday night date spot, our shorts are all made from fabric blends that offer softness, comfort, breathability, and style. With features like reinforced pockets and belt loops on our Duo shorts and compression boxer lining and fitted cell phone pockets (perfect for beach runs) on our active shorts, our collection has something for everyone.

Joggers: Joggers are the universal pants. Designed with the style of a structured pant and the comfort and versatility of an athleisure pant, the jogger is the ultimate style chameleon. Every piece in our Jogger collection would make a great Father’s Day gift and our joggers come in with features like zipped pockets which give you extra security while working out, riding the subway, or walking on the beach with that new cellphone or packed wallet. Joggers are also great Father’s Day gift ideas because they can be worn as athletic pants or as work pants for casual Fridays or casual summers, giving every man in your life a performance-heavy, comfortable pant option. 


Pants: Our Duo and All-In pants are classic pants in a new and innovative package. Featuring 4-way stretch materials that are meant to move around and then go right back to their original shape, our pants offer unrestricted movement and the ultimate in comfort and performance. 5-pocket jean styling means that you have a place for your phone, wallet, keys, ID-badge, and anything else you may need to carry around and a stretch-heavy waistband means that nothing is digging into your man’s skin or stomach as they reach hour three of that board meeting or late-night presentation. 

Everything about our pants collection is designed to offer the Dads in your life a versatile daily pair of pants that can carry them through work or play seamlessly with no need to stop at home or the gym for a change of clothes.

Denim: Denim is the classic pant choice and our Duo Denim is the ultimate gift for Fathers in your life. Our Duo Denim gives you the classic look and feel of denim in a stretch-forward package that’s soft, comfortable, and perfect for daily use. Available in a wide range of colors, our denim is the versatile Father’s Day gift you’ve been looking for to up the style (and comfort) game of even the most active Dad in your life. 

denim for men

Big and Tall 

Our High and Mighty collection offers the same style, functionality, and versatility of our standard collections with one major difference: they feature larger and more diverse sizing to capture every Dad, and man, in your life. With sizing options that go up to 5XL, there’s something for every Dad on your list. 

Better Clothes, Better Gifts, Better Dad’s. Shop Swet Tailor Looks Now.

At Swet Tailor, we work hard to create clothes that look great on everyone and work in any and all situations. Our collections are versatile and performance-heavy, designed to take you from activity to activity in one seamless, and comfortable, package. Dads love our looks because they simplify things, offering one article of clothing that can work for all calendar entries in their day.

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, we know the bar is already set pretty high. With our collections, you can gift the Dads in your life comfortable, stretch-forward, versatile clothing options that look great and feel good to wear. 

Dad gives us so much all year-round. This Father’s Day, give back with Swet Tailor.