Senior Bowl Recap 2022

The Reese's Senior Bowl is that magical time of year where college football stars, coaches, and scouts come together both on and off the field. Since 1950, top college athletes have gathered with coaches and NFL decision-makers at the University of South Alabama to make dreams come true. After creating such a splash at last year's event, there was overwhelming support to bring Swet Tailor back as the official sponsor for their off-the-field wear.

"We were absolutely thrilled to come back." Swet Tailor CEO Adam Bolden states. "This year, there were even more chances to get to know the players; what's important to them, their back story, what hobbies they enjoy while off the field, etc. Our goal is to help players seek out even more opportunities. We can help facilitate that by making sure they're dressed for success; The players understand that while giving interviews and such, it's essential to maintain an air of professionalism. Swet Tailor's clothing gives a polished and elevated look while still maintaining comfort. It's a win-win."

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos from this year's event!