The Perfect Men's Travel Outfit

packing the best mens travel outfit

At Swet Tailor®, we like to think of travel as an art form. There are packing techniques, airport sprinting methods, and of course, travel fashion. Men’s travel outfits require a few things. They have to be comfortable, keep their shape and form through long flights and train rides, and look good enough to go from runway to client meeting without skipping a beat.

With the right men’s travel outfits, you should be able to ditch the checked bag and fit everything you need into your carry-on luggage. We’re thinking of shirts that can work for work and play and pants that stay wrinkle-free and are structured enough for the office but casual enough for a night out with your colleagues. 

The best travel clothes for men are comfortable, versatile, durable, and make life easier. Simple as that. 


Fabric Matters 

When it comes to men’s travel outfits, fabric matters. The world’s best travel clothes for men are made of light, comfortable, and breathable fabrics. You’ll want to look for clothing made with cotton/spandex blends because they will give you stretch and breathability, two things that are critical to a solid travel outfit. When you’re sitting on a plane, bus, or train for hours on end, the last thing you want is a pair of pants that feel glued to your body or a shirt that makes your seat feel like a sauna. By sticking with options that allow for airflow and movement, you allow your body to move and bend in the ways it should without constricting you or creating pockets of heat and sweat that can raise your body temperature or irritate your skin. 

commuter mens travel outfit

You also want to choose travel outfits for men that maintain their shape and that give you stretch and movement without becoming oversized or oddly shaped. If you stick with natural fibers, like cotton, that have spandex blends, you should get the flow and movement you want with the structure and warp-proof shape you need to get a garment that will keep its integrity for years to come. 

One other note about fabric. Make sure you pick travel outfits that look professional enough for an office setting while maintaining the comfort you need to wear these items in more casual and relaxed environments. Again, we love cotton for this reason because you can dress it up or down, and it feels good on your skin.

You want to look for men’s travel outfits that are comfortable, work well in a number of situations, and are easy to throw into a bag without having to worry about wrinkles or a loss of shape and structure.

Best Travel Clothes for Men: A How-To-Guide

How to choose clothes for a trip is a topic that’s worthy of more than a few novels. Selecting the best men’s travel outfits is definitely a highly coveted skill, but we have some pointers to make things a bit easier. 

1) Comfort is Key

Travel isn’t always glamorous, even for the few who love nothing more than boarding a plane and watching an emotionally manipulative mid-flight movie line-up. You often have long waits with bouts of turbulence in stuffy planes and taxi rides that feel more rollercoaster than car. When packing, choose travel outfits for men that give you some stretch and allow you to comfortably move around and breathe. Also, make sure you layer. Airports tend to be freezers, while planes and final destinations can fluctuate in temperature throughout the day. 

Try pairing an activewear top with jeans for a casual look that maintains its presence in a more formal situation (think casual Fridays). It also gives you breathability and comfort to get you through long planes, trains, or bus rides. 

comfortable mens travel outfit

2) Versatility Counts

Business trips tend to take place on tight schedules. You often have to go from the airport to a meeting or the office without having time to stop at the hotel or grab a change of clothes. Look for travel outfits for men that give you that perfect balance between casual and business casual, offering a structured look that feels and moves more like athletic clothing than work clothes. Think button-down with a casual jacket and jeans for an outfit that will transcend space, time, and happy hour.

business casual mens travel outfit athletic casual mens travel outfit

3) Make Sure You Can Move

You may not realize it, but planes, trains, and buses sometimes require acrobatic finesse to get comfortable. In the game of plane-seat yoga, you want men’s travel outfits that will move and stretch without ripping or constricting you in any way. If you’re a jeans guy, look for denim with a nice flex or swap those dungarees out for joggers or classic shorts. One more pro-tip, travel often involves a lot of documents and papers. Look for pants that have a lot of pockets so that you can easily throw your boarding pass, passport, and wallet in and retrieve them at check-in or ticket control. 

comfortable airport outfit

Travel Like You Want To. Dress Like You Mean It. 

Today’s men expect a lot out of men’s travel outfits, and at Swet Tailor®, we’re all about these high expectations. Modern lives are not sedentary; they are active, chaotic, and usually jam-packed. That’s why we’ve created a line of travel outfits for men that go where you go, move where you move, and give you the freedom to live without changing clothes. Everything we make is designed to work in multiple environments: work, play, casual…anywhere.

Life is busy enough. Let us make choosing the perfect men’s travel outfit that much easier.