Back to School Outfits for Guys  

Key Factors in Choosing Back to School Outfits

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Back to school is a time of year that we will always have feelings about. No matter how old you are, those three words will always stir up something, but, when it comes to back to school shopping, especially clothes for college students, this blog’s got you covered. 

So, what are the key factors to pay attention to when you’re selecting your men’s back to school clothes? 

  • Comfort: When you’re sitting in a classroom or running across campus, you’re going to want an outfit that feels good to be in. Try and find back to school clothes that have a little bit of stretch or give which will keep your pants from getting too stiff or clingy during long classes and will let you do a 4 minute mile trying to get from one end of campus to the other without being late. 
  • Style: Remember, this is college, not your bedroom. Especially in the beginning, it’s tempting to show up to class in looks that are overly casual–think baggy sweatpants and tshirts that have seen better days. We recommend keeping things stylish and selecting back to school outfits for boys (and men) that show your professors, and your peers, that you’re taking things seriously with more tailored, elevated looks. Swap those baggy sweats for fitted joggers and pair them with a polo or new t shirt. 
  • Don’t Forget Who You Are: The most important part of back to school clothes for men, or anyone, is that they need to reflect who you are. The best back to school outfits are the ones that make you feel good and that give you the confidence you need to make the dean's list, get into that fraternity, or to kill it in the classroom and out. 

Casual and Cool Everyday Looks

If you’re like us, you might think better when you have a visual in-mind. Here are two back to school outfits for men that we love:

  • Joggers, sweatshirt, t-shirt: This is a classic college look. By selecting fitted joggers and sweatshirts, you create a casual vibe that’s structured and streamlined enough to hold their own with even the most distinguished professor. By layering your outfit with a t-shirt, you are ready for everything from fall-temps to stuffy classrooms, and, as an added bonus this look is classroom ready but also casual enough to go from professor to post-class food hall chaos with your boys. 
  • Polo, hoodie, denim: This look gives you an err of elegance while remaining firmly in the causal realm. This back to school outfit is perfect for more laid back presentations or office hours but can also hold their own for rush events and pre-game pizza and wings. 

Dressing for College Life

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College life is…well…life. Unless you went to boarding school, chances are you’ve never been in an environment where you eat, sleep, work, and play all in the same place. With this in mind, it might be tempting to roll up to class in pajamas and last night’s clothes, but fight that urge. 

College is also a chance to show the world that you’re ready for whatever’s going to come next. We recommend casual looks that still give an err of “put together” but that also give you the comfort and versatility you need to go from 10am PolySci to 1pm AEPi. 

Think a clean, crisp white t-shirt with a hoodie and fitted jeans or a polo with joggers. The key is to choose comfortable looks (we LOVE joggers because they blend the line between structured pants and something more sweat-based) that still look clean, fresh, and fitted. 

Polished Presentation for Special Occasions

Sometimes, school calls for a little bit extra. Whether you’re presenting a big assignment to faculty or you're meeting a potential internship (or non-internship) boss for a lunch meeting, there are times when back to school clothes need a little upgrade.

For these situations, we recommend going business casual, which gives a professional vibe without trying too hard. Think button downs, polos with a blazer, khakis, or slacks. Top things off with a clean, structured sneaker or dress shoe and you’re good to go. 

You want to let your audience know that you understand the importance of the event without making things too formal or stuffy. 

Nailing the Campus Athleisure Vibe

Athleisure wear is all about comfort and functionality. This is a category that blends athletic clothes and leisurewear into one, combined genre that gives you the style and structure of leisurewear with the comfort and performance of your favorite gym clothes. 

On campus and in the classroom, this looks like fitted joggers and t-shirts, elevated hoodies and jackets, and polos that can go from classroom to golf course without missing a beat. 

When you choose athleisure wear back to school outfits, you’re getting outfits that move with your day–and your class schedule–while keeping you comfortable and firmly in-style. 

Swet Tailor: Helping You Build a Versatile Back to School Wardrobe

At Swet Tailor, back to school is our time to shine. Everything that we make is designed to go from class to game days without breaking a sweat. Our hoodies, joggers, and t-shirts are designed to move and shift with your body and your day without losing their shape–or their cool. Our denim and pants can hold their own on a golf course, classroom presentation stage, or sandwich shop booth. 

Versatility and performance are at the core of what we do and we believe that the best lives are the one’s lived without pit stops. 

Swet Tailor: Back to school never looked, or felt, like this.