An Interview with Personal Health and Wellness Trainer Sterling Walker

Swet Tailor is made for the kind of men who inspire us, whether they’re professionals, athletes, or just all around good guys. The more we get to know our customers, the better equipped we are to provide them with versatile, comfortable, and breathable styles that fit their bodies and busy schedules. 

That’s why we’re taking a minute to get to know Personal Health and Wellness Trainer Sterling Walker. He exemplifies exactly the kind of guy we want to dress––sharp, ambitious, and on-the-move. We think you should know about him, too. 

Sterling Walker

Introducing Sterling Walker––the man redefining the wellness space in a pair of Swet Joggers:

How did you get into fitness and wellness? When did you realize this was the path for you?

People have been asking me that a lot lately! I guess I’ve been a natural athlete my whole life. I was the kid running down hills, doing somersaults and backflips. I’ve always been a person who can move. It’s in my DNA.

My passion for coaching began around fourth or fifth grade. I was usually the team captain in gym class, and I took that role pretty seriously for a nine-year-old. I was always the one picking teams, and I even coached my peers from the sidelines. It’s safe to say that’s where it all started.

From there, I got into little league baseball and football, and by junior high, I was a three sport athlete (baseball, football, and track). In high school, I added volleyball and swimming.

I think I really would have enjoyed gymnastics, but the associated costs made it impossible in the inner city where I grew up. I still like to do a backflip once a year, though––to make sure I still got it.

Sterling WalkerYour wellness program, Tools4Life, offers a mind/body solution for anyone looking to achieve their personal best. How does the program work?

Most new clients reach out to me with fitness goals, but it’s my four step process that really hooks them.

In order for a person to achieve optimal health or well-being, they need so much more than just a workout regimen. In addition to fitness, my wellness program includes nutrition, stress management, and lifestyle coaching.

I’ve structured Tools4Life into four twelve week programs, including strength building, cardio, and conversations about nutrition and stress management. With all these parts working together, my clients establish so much more than a workout routine, including a heightened sense of mind body awareness and all around better quality of life.

To break it down, training sessions are geared around wellness and last about an hour. We spend the first 50 minutes doing a workout, while discussing nutrition and stress management.

At the end of each workout––and this is the most unique part of the program––we meditate for two to five minutes. By practicing sitting in silence after a difficult workout session, clients become equipped to use similar de-stressing tools after challenges arise in their day-to-day lives. It’s important to know how to calm yourself after a period of high tension. The quick meditation also allows clients to reset their circuit before continuing on with their day.

Many wellness professionals tend to stick with one specialty (i.e. fitness, nutrition, or wellness), but you combine them together. What do you believe are the benefits of combining all three into one service?

I understand why coaches often stay in their wellness lane, but for me wellness is whole. When you focus on mind, body, and soul together, you achieve so much more for your overall self. As a coach, this puts more pressure on you (to be more insightful and self-aware), but I believe the extra effort is worth the results for my clients.

The presentation and building confidence element of your program seems particularly unique. Can you tell me a little more about it?

Once my clients have gone through the first three phases of training and understand fitness, basic nutrition, and stress management, we begin to tackle their confidence and presentation. During this phase, I help my clients come to understand who they are and the choices they make. From there, we create a plan for them to align their mind, body, and soul, so they can thrive in their lives.

To provide the most comprehensive mind body service for my clients, I recently completed a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Antioch University. In addition to applying this education to my Tools4Life service, I will be working with the mental health department at the Men’s Health Foundation in West Hollywood.

Sterling Walker

Your fitness program focuses on the newest trends in training. What are some of the most effective methods you’re seeing right now?

I’ve been seeing great results from high intensity interval training, which allows clients to build strength and endurance simultaneously. I’ve been trying new techniques with different split training and push/pull leg routines, which have become very popular.

More and more clients seem to be interested in not just body improvement, but sports performance. For these clients, I like to focus on total body functional training, using a lot of compound movements.

Intermittent fasting is popping up as an extremely effective nutrition solution. By limiting your eating window you allow your body to produce more growth hormone and testosterone to boost metabolism and burn fat.

For men’s health, I’m learning a lot about how gut health and microbiome support and affect our brains and bodies. It’s very interesting stuff!

Sterling WalkerWhat do you see as the biggest nutrition mistakes your new clients don’t even know they’re making?

The most common mistake I see clients make is eating too little in an effort to lose weight. Most people aren’t eating enough quality foods enough times a day. The body is very intelligent. If you don’t fuel it regularly, it will store fat for energy for later times.

How do you believe your new clients’ emotional blockages are preventing them from achieving their fitness and nutritional goals? How do you work with them to break through?

Most clients don’t immediately realize how powerful their mindset is in their ability to achieve results. When clients lack solid reasons or motivations for achieving their goals, they’re less likely to stick with a routine. Two of my favorite authors Jim Kwik and Robin Sharma often talk about aligning resolutions with results. My program begins by establishing a baseline mission and purpose to help clients break through barriers.

How does Swet Tailor keep up with your dynamic lifestyle?

I’m wearing Swet Tailor right now for this interview! I’m working from home today, and I’m comfortable in these clothes.

Swet Tailor’s styles allow me to move freely and flow in my personal lifestyle. The brand lines up with who I am as a professional and an athlete. I’m such a big fan of Swet Tailor, because they care so much more about fabric than big sports brands. It’s what an athlete or professional wants to wear on their skin. It’s quality.

A lot of clients begin their workout program in their oldest, most worn-and-torn workout gear. One of the first signs of success from my clients is when they start improving their athleticwear. You can tell they are improving as people by the way they start investing in themselves and building confidence in their bodies. Swet Tailor does a good job of mirroring that feeling with quality clothes for people who want to invest in their best selves. 

Sterling Walker

What are some of your favorite Swet styles?

I’m a big fan of Swet’s active styles, including their Active Short. I wear a combo of the Lightweight SWET-Hoodie/Jogger/SWET-Shirt when I train outside, especially on chilly LA mornings. For something more cleaned up, I’ll pair the All-In Pant with the Relaxed Fit SWET-Shirt.

If you had one piece of advice for someone looking to improve themselves, what would it be?

When it comes to wellness, know you’re worth it, and never give up.

What are your long term goals for yourself and Tools4Life?

I want to help as many people as possible, especially men over 50, achieve optimal health and well-being. Through Tools4Life, I hope to share my wisdom and experience across the world.


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